Passenger elevators

lift_pas1.jpgPassenger elevators are manufactured with load capacity of 225, 300, 320, 400, 500, 630, 1000, 1275 kg and speed movement up to 2 m/sec.

They are designed with the upper and the lower machine room for an installation in the dwelling houses, administrative and residential buildings, hotels, banks and offices. 

Seismic execution of passenger elevators is possible. 

The elevators described are featured by: 

- smooth run and improved accuracy of - stop;
- comfortable cabin and reduced noise level;
- vandalism-proof control panels and calling posts with illumination;
- indicators of the movement direction and cabin position;
- microprocessor-based control station;
- frequency regulator of the winch and door drive speed;
- LED lighting;
- indication of the cabin overload.


The elevators can be equipped additionally with:

-  mirror;
-  ventilators;
-  light barrier at the cabin doors;
-  indication display of the cabin location and overload with voice message;
-  access restriction device (mechanical or electronic key);
- non-standard designation of the stops;
- LCD display of indication of the cabin location and overload with voice message;
- buttons with Braille alphabet;
- system of passengers evacuation
- video surveillance in the cabin;
- digital curtain.

The manufacture of elevators for transportation fire brigades has been launched. They are equipped with fire-resistant shaft doors as well as a hatch in the ceiling with the dimensions of 700x500 mm. The operation of these elevators is provided in the ordinary mode as well as in the "Transporting the Fire Brigades" mode; in the last case the elevators is controlled from the cabin by the fire brigade itself.

JSC Mogilevliftmash manufactures elevators for the transportation of passengers in wheel-chairs (width of doorway is 900 mm) and passengers in dwelling houses and social housing. The manufacture can produce passenger elevators equipped with telescopic doors (width of doorway is 650, 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200 mm).

JSC Mogilevliftmash has developed the production of elevators without machine room with load capacity of 400, 630, 1000 kg and movement speed 1,0 m/sec equipped with direct-drive winch, stationed under elevator shaft floor. 

The new range of passenger elevators without machine room with load capacity of 400, 630, 1000 kg with direct-drive winch in axis version in upper part of elevator shaft is currently developed.

Configurator for MRL elevators
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