Winch for cultivation of private vegetable gardens

Winch for cultivation of private vegetable gardens LS-100A

The winch is intended for moving the load in the horizontal plane as well as for ploughing the soil and hilling up the plants at small farms and vegetable gardens.

The winch motor is supplied and controlled from single-phase AC mains with the rated voltage of 220 V and frequency of 50 Hz.


  Technical features

Rated power consumption, W   
Tractive effort, N Operating element movement speed:  
2,5 km/h 1100+/-110
1,8 km/h 1650+/-165
Operating mode: Repeatedly brief
Pulling cable length, m 40
Overall dimensions, mm 550x530x1040
Winch weight, kg 50
Unit weight (with plough and hiller), kg 70